8 Things you didn’t know you could do on Paytm (No.7 will surprise you)

Paytm is designed with a lot of care, with our teams adding new features, functionality, and polish to it with every new app update. The obvious interface improvements are just the tip of the iceberg though. If you’re new to Paytm, there are many cool features you’ll want to use to make life easier.

Here is a list of 8 nifty features, tips and tricks on the Paytm app you probably missed out:

Now pay anyone as they e-mail or WhatsApp you their Paytm QR Codes. Simply tap on the upper-right corner of the screen and tap on ‘Scan Paytm QR from Gallery’.

Checking the net balance on the Paytm app is easy — just long press a list of expenses and we’ll tell you the money ‘received’, ‘paid’ and the net balance for the selected period.

You’ve surely noticed the option to save your credit/debit card details during checkout. However, this option is always available to you. Simply go to the ‘Saved Cards’ option in the Profile menu and tap on ‘Add Card’.

We’ll add Rs. 1 to your Paytm Wallet to verify your card details. Don’t worry, we’ll refund the money into your bank account ASAP.

Just press on the ‘FILTERS’ option in the lower-right corner of the screen, and tapping on the ‘Assured by Paytm Partner’ or ‘Brand Authorized Sellers’ option.

There may be times when your payment for an order failed due to poor network connectivity or low balance. You don’t have to

It saves a lot of time!

We think you’d like to stay tuned to our deals and promotions. However, if you feel you’re up-to-date, feel free to turn off push notifications using the ‘Notification Settings’ in the Profile menu.

You don’t have to pay a penny to know your Paytm Wallet balance. We’ll tell you that for free — any day, any time! No internet needed too.

Sending money to someone and found out you’re low on balance? Just tap on the upper-right corner of the pay screen and select ‘Add Money’. We’ll prompt you to add more money to your wallet before paying.

In the rare case when you’re unaware whether you have enough balance, just tap on ‘Proceed to pay’ and we’ll prompt you to add the balance incase you don’t have enough money in your Wallet.

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