Reason to love Paytm and its cashbacks more!

anshikalakhinaanshikalakhina ✭✭✭
edited March 2017 in Paytm Wallet
Being somebody who shops ear buds to footwear online, one who pays all the bills online, deals that provide stuff at discounts and cashbacks is equivalent to winning a lottery. Over the last few months(specifically) Paytm has been a treasure, for its cashbacks and deals. Let me give you a reason to love Paytm a little extra, I have noticed this during my last few transactions, the moment I make a payment that involves application of coupon to receive cashbacks, the cashback gets credited as soon as the Payment is successful, though it is mentioned that it will be added within 24hours. Thus, I don't have to wait for the cashback to come to make more transactions, if any, by using the cashback.

Definitely try Paytm if you haven't till now and save a little or you can say, earn while you spend.
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