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Paytm is digitizing payments ecosystem in grassroot India

We are leaving no stone unturned, and trying to reach everywhere we can! Digital Payment Ecosystem consists:

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Paytm is digitizing payments ecosystem in grassroot India

We are leaving no stone unturned, and trying to reach everywhere we can!

Digital Payment Ecosystem consists:

- 3 lakh villages are transacting digitally
- Over 3 Million merchants from semi-urban and rural areas accept Paytm payments
- Digital transaction size among merchants in tier-ll/tier-lll towns and villages is at par with the metros
- Paytm QR, Money Transfer, and Bill payments are the most popular use-cases

New Delhi, June 11th, 2018: One97 Communications Limited that owns the brand Paytm, which is India’s largest payment company, has driven digital payments across the country’s semi-urban and rural areas, enabling cash-less transactions at more than 3 lakh villages. This is aligned with India’s vision of expanding digital payments even to the remotest corners of the country.

At present, more than 3 Million merchant partners across small towns like Kakkanav, Chitra Durga, Giri Nagar, Virudhu Nagar, Kangra, Angul and Unnao among others, accept payments through Paytm. Due to the increasing adoption of digital payments, merchants in these villages are registering similar transaction size as compared to the merchants in the metros. Paytm QR, Money Transfer, and Bill payments continue to garner the highest number of transactions from these areas.

Kiran Vasireddy, COO – Paytm said, “True development of an economy can only take place when villages and smaller towns that are at the very grassroot levels, join the digital revolution. We are excited to see an increasing adoption of digital payments by our users and merchants in these areas. We will continue our efforts to reach out to people in every village and town in our country and educate them about the convenience of digital payments.”

Paytm has recently introduced a first-of-its-kind ‘Merchant Referral’ feature on its platform. This will enable small and medium merchant (SME) community to join the cashless revolution by accepting payments from any bank account into their bank accounts at no charges. The platform has also simplified regular recurring payments such as house rent, maid/driver’s salary, milk and newspaper vendor payments with ‘My Payments’ while continuing to offer convenience to users through a vast array of services.

Sumit Singh, owner of One Stop, a shop from Chowk Sikarpur, Patna said “I noticed that my customers were going to other shops which were accepting money through Paytm. The very next day I requested Paytm to help me and started accepting payments through mobile. Within no time all my customer started coming back. Ever since Paytm has been helping my business to grow”.

Pankaj Kumar Roy who owns PK Food plaza in Sabaour, Bhagalpur Said “I have witnessed higher sales due to increased footfall of young kids and surge in home delivery orders. Paytm made this possible as it is popular among kids and even grown-ups like making payments using the QR code, it’s so simple. Now my money is directly deposited into my bank account and I no longer need to worry about ‘chuttey paise’ as well”.

Anjali Pan Sadan from Laxmibai Nagar (outskirts of Indore) said “I used to think that who will do mobile payment to me as I was living on the outskirts inhabited mostly by truck drivers and village folks. But I understood the benefits of accepting digital payments and started using Paytm and linked my bank account with it. Today I take online payment and promote Paytm in my area. Times are changing, it’s time to change ourselves”.

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