Making Each One Teach One a Success

First Prize Distribution in Amritsar

Gurpreet Singh becomes the first volunteer to receive an appreciation certificate for Each One Teach One.

Name: Gurpreet Singh

City: Amritsar
District: Amritsar
State: Punjab

Gurpreet is from Amritsar, Punjab. He works as a fireman and loves to explore new technology in free time. So far, Gurpreet has taught more than 134 people about how to use Paytm and pledges to bring more fellow Indians in the digital revolution. Here's our Q&A session with him:

Q. What is the most common thing you’ve heard about Paytm?

A. Paytm provides great cashback offers on recharges, bill payments and shopping etc.

Q. Tell us 2 frequently asked questions that they ask you?

A. While teaching, people frequently ask me how to upgrade account and how to send money to bank.

Q. What sort of examples you give to people while training them on Paytm app?

A. I inform people that cashless transaction will increase in future so start using Paytm from now on.

Q. What kind of people (target audience) do you usually teach? Are they customers or shopkeepers?

A. I teach shopkeepers, colleagues and relatives and also trying to teach my neighbors.

Q. Tell us 2 frequently asked questions that they ask you?

A. People ask me about security and safety related questions in Paytm so I inform that Paytm is approved by RBI therefore no risk of online fraud.

Q. What made you participate in this programme?

A. I am an old Paytm customer with good knowledge of using online wallets so I decided to share my knowledge with rest of the people and joined this programme.

Q. What strategy did you follow which made you one of the highest contributor in this programme?

A. I try to build a good rapport with everyone I teach and it helps me to become a good contributor in this programme.

Q. Do you have any message, handy tip that you will like to share with other participants?

A. People should join this program and help Paytm to bring half a billion people to mainstream economy.


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