What happens to your Paytm Wallet amount after Paytm Payments Bank is officially launched?

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Your money is absolutely safe in the Paytm Wallet. It is always yours and you will never lose it.

Please don't believe any such rumours (example: screenshot above) that you receive or hear of.

Your current Paytm Wallet will be transferred to the Paytm Payments Bank Limited as it is, i.e. KYC Wallet as KYC Wallet and minimum KYC Wallet as minimum KYC Wallet.

As for your money, it is absolutely safe in the Paytm Wallet. If you have any balance in your current Paytm Wallet, it will reflect in your new Paytm Payments Bank Wallet.
If your Wallet has been inactive for the last six months and has zero balance, it won’t be transferred to the Paytm Payments Bank Wallet unless you specifically give consent for the same while logging into the app, web or by e-mail.

Please note: You are not required to open an account with Paytm Payments Bank to use the wallet.

For more info, please read here:
English: https://blog.paytm.com/your-paytm-wallet-paytm-payments-bank-various-charges-a1d28361dcb0#.80524l3uq

हिंदी में: https://blog.paytm.com/आपका-पेटीऐम-खाता-अब-जल्द-ही-ज़्यादा-फ़ायदों-के-साथ-e7d3f54e019b#.kiifcsdi9


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