Paytm Care : How to Reach Us

With the holiday season underway, we want to ensure that our customers are well looked after by us. In an effort to do so, we’d like to highlight the best ways that you can connect with us when in need, so we can resolve your concerns in a speedy and effective manner:

1. Via Paytm App

There are 3 ways within the app that you can touch base with us:

A. The ‘Contact Us’ tab, when you scroll down to the bottom of the app, will take you straight to a list of fields where you can enter your query to us. The ‘Contact Us’ tab can also be found in your “Profile” section in the bar at the bottom of the app.

B. You can also talk to us by heading to the “Your Orders” section under the “Profile” tab. For those who’re new to the app, the “Profile” tab can be found in the bar at the bottom of the app. On entering the “your Orders” section, simply tap on the order detail and you’ll see the “Contact Us” option just below your transaction details.

C. A third way to connect with us is through the “Passbook” tab in the top section of the app. Just tap on the specific order that you need help with the and the ‘Need Help?’ option will show up. Tap on that to share your concern with us.

2. Via Call: We’re just a call away from you at 9643979797. Drop us a line through our IVR and we’ll resolve your query.

4. Via Care Page on Web: Click on the “Customer Care” tab in the top right hand corner of our homepage, enter your query in the appropriate section and we’ll come to your rescue right away.

Happy Holidays everyone! #PaytmKaro


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