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Please urgent help me

Respected Sir/ Madam, Applicant :- Ghanshyam Damedhar Sub:- Unblock me from product purchasing at PAYTM Mall

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Please urgent help me

gsdamedhargsdamedhar User+, Contributor Posts: 3
Respected Sir/ Madam,

Applicant :- Ghanshyam Damedhar
Sub:- Unblock me from product purchasing at PAYTM Mall

With reference to the above mentioned subject I Mr. Ghanshyam Damedhar request you to please unblock me from PAYTM Mall from purchasing.
Reason for block is higher amount of return and cancellation of orders.
I ordered product from PAYTM Mall but due to some reason I cancelled the order this is under return and I returned the product this is under return policy.
If the product is wrong how to accept it, if the product is damaged how to accept it.
And also I have giving product returned with proof.
I have many times order cancelled and returned with flipkart but they do not block my account and also support me for problem clearance by contacting with me. This is my first time by PAYTM Mall of block my account from purchasing.
Also, how many times cancelled and returned allowed in a month this is because if wrong or defective product receiving product problem creates how to clear it, because I spend money for the product.
I request you please unblock me from Paytm Mall from purchasing.And also give me suggestion what I do at the time of wrong or damage item has been received. Because first time your Paytm executive said me for send return request as per return policy then after I do same thing as per suggestion.
Please do the needful and reply me as possible.

Thanks & Regards,
Ghanshyam Damedhar


  • mumtaz_latifmumtaz_latif Contributor Posts: 8,142
    Hey there,

    Did you try connecting paytmcare on this number?
    01204606060. If you still haven't tried these numbers, I will surely suggest you go for these!

    I've tried them too, they helped me very nicely.
  • mercysathishmercysathish User+, Contributor Posts: 1
    I have ordered one item and received message from Paytm it will be delivered by 11feb but I can't able to courier office number.I have tried for many times.what is this silly issue
  • mumtaz_latifmumtaz_latif Contributor Posts: 8,142
    Hi there,

    You can reach out to Paytm on this helpline number 01204606060 and follow the IVR instructions.
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